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Coexist Yoga - Jan-March 2019
Date(s): Sunday January 13, 2019
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Art of Yoga - 627 2nd Ave, #6

Coexist Yoga is a Sunday morning yoga fellowship open to all walks of life. This donation based weekly class will feature a revolving roster of certified yoga instructors. You might think of it as an alternative to church if you like. Or, simply a refreshing Sunday morning practice to set the tone for the week. Whatever your take, we invite you to come share your practice with us!

"We believe there are many paths that lead us all back to the “One Source!” This Source has been called many names, such as God, Yahweh, Allah, The All, and the Great I Am! While the name may be different across religions, what unites each belief is an energy vibration of Love. Each name represents the higher power of ever present Love!

The science of yoga helps us discover ourselves on our journey back to the Source. The practice provides tools and keys for unlocking doors from within our Being that lead us back to union with the Source.

The kingdom of Heaven is within us all! The Knowledge of Self we acquire through the practice of yoga creates within us a love for all living beings. We begin to remember the Essential truth that we are all part of the One Grand Creator, made in divine image and likeness.

Through our existence in this lifetime, we are able to honor and respect one another as reflections of divine light on our quest towards true happiness and lasting fulfillment!" - Christopher G. Wilkes


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